Hitchcocks Open Day 2006
As any Enfield enthusiast will know, Hitchcocks Motorcycles are the primary source for parts to keep these bikes on the road, supplying both the brit bikes and the newer Indian Enfields with any and all parts needed, sometimes on a return of post basis. 2006 saw their first Open Day event at it was well attended by enthusiasts old and new. Over 600 attendees were provided with a free sausage in a roll and tea/coffee on demand - who could ask for more?
There were many varied Enfields on display including more than a few racers, in order for me to arrive at Shirty's place for 8 am I needed to depart my humble abode by 06:30..... and this is on a Saturday.

Archy on the WD CO, Shirty on the Mullet (Meteor Bullet) and myself on my 500 ES petrol Bullet then convoyed to the venue complete with Camping gear ready for the VMCC Festival of 1000 Bikes event at Mallory Park.

As there are many 'chair' enthusiasts out there i thought this would be appreciated, a sporty offering by Charnwood Classics.
One of the bikes on show was the Hatz Diesel conversion, here Archy takes it for a test run and is tempted by the 'Dark Side'.

His usual ride is Pikey the WD CO shown here.
Above are some samples of original Indians - not the ones made in Chennai - but English bikes that were sold in the US under the Indian Badge with some 'subtle' Americana styling - I want one!
To the right is a sample of what can be done with a modern Bullet - this comes from Poland and follows the Harley Styling influence; note the longer swing arm and cast wheels.
Just so you know how 'Shirty' got his name - guess which is him?

Here he is trying to explain how to fit a 700cc Meteor engine into a bullet rolling chassis to an impressed (read disbelieving) audience.